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What Did You Do, Chicky Blue? Pt.2
posted (January 10, 2017)
Last night, we told you about the story from Ladyville in which well-known basketballer and stevedore Wilfred "Chicky Blue" Nicholas was struck in the head by a cook from the Green Jade Restaurant.

It all went down at closing time last week Friday, and Nicholas and the restaurant owners are giving different accounts of what happened. The restaurateurs say that Nicholas was trying to force his way in at closing time, and though they tried to stop him from trespassing, he bullied his way in, and so they had to defend themselves. Nicholas' account is that their attack on him was unprovoked, and that they disrespected him as a long-standing customer.

He says that they chopped him in the head with a bladed object. He and his family believes that it was meat cleaver. Well, the Chinese business owners say that they hit him with a baton, to stop him from attacking one of their employees, identified to us as Ken. So, with such a wide divergence in the accounts - where is the truth? Well, it turns out that there is surveillance video which caught most of the stand-off. Tonight we have that for you, including a blow-by-blow account of what happened, so that you can decide. Daniel Ortiz has that story:

Daniel Ortiz reporting
The camera video starts inside of Green Jade Restaurant, where the owners are trying to close up for the night. They have customers inside, and they are trying to serve them to get them out.

Notice the time signature at the top right corner of screen. It says 12:06 a.m., meaning, that the business place needs to close, because the permit is for midnight.

So, according to the business owners, they have the door shut to make sure no one else enters, and as fast as they could, they are trying to serve their remaining customers to get them out.

In this angle, you see Chicky Blue Nicholas walking up to the entrance of the restaurant.

Here in the shot, you see the front server "Ken" letting out a customer who's just finished getting his food. That man leaves, and outside, you see Chicky Blue, who had been knocking for some time, try to slip in.

"Ken", the front server, puts a hand on Blue's chest and stops him from entering. The restaurant owners tell us that Ken was trying to tell him that no one else can enter because business was closed. He says that "Blue" insisted to be served because, he's a local.

Here, you see Ken gives Blue a push, which causes him to step back, and it triggers an angry pointing match between the two. Blue puts an end to that by pushing Ken in the face. Ken retaliates with a kick at Blue and shoves away his hand; here it is again from another angle. When Blue returns, he is fuming, and the fight is ripe to begin.

Ken's hand is up in the air, and Blue immediately grabs him around the waist, and pulls him out of the building. It appears that Blue then throws Ken to the ground, and a scuffle begins. Inside, everyone rushes out to see what the commotion is about.

All of this is happening away from the view of the camera, and nowhere in the footage do you actually get to see what weapon was used to strike Chicky Blue in the head.

But, from the inside angle, as soon as the Ken fires the kick, a woman comes from the kitchen area, and so does this man, who the Herrera-Nicholas family says is the one who hits Blue. Notice that as he charges forward, here, he has some sort of short, edged object in his hand. He rushes outside to render assistance.

In the aftermath, we see Ken walking back to the entrance, after all the peacemakers have intervened to stop the fight. He looks visibly upset, and as the man with the apron - who rushed out from the kitchen area - walks back, he has something in his hand. Ken grabs it, and in this shot, it looks like a blunt object, possibly a baton. Before the man in the apron could react, Ken lunges forward, clearly in pursuit of Chicky Blue, but he is stopped from getting close.

He is shoved back, and they get him to calm down just enough to get him inside the restaurant. Back inside, Ken, clearly still enraged, grabs a bottle, and lets it go, and we see the man in the apron with that baton object in hand.

The man in the apron walks back to the entrance, and Ken heads for the counter area, and he pulls some sort of weapon, appearing as though back on the way outside. The lady from the kitchen grabs him around the waist, and they try to calm him down.

One of the peace makers from outside comes in, and tries to talk him down, and he listens just enough to put away the weapon. The lady from the kitchen tries to talk to him, and he shoves her away. She heads back, and he goes back to the front door. Fortunately, by that time, peace is finally settling back in, and tempers are cooling off.

At the end, Blue suffers cuts to the head, causing blood loss, and a few missing dreadlocks. Ken, on the other hand, suffers scrapes to the face and bruises to the shoulder and elbow.

Clearly, it is not either man's finest moment.

File: January 9, 2017
Daniel Ortiz, 7News "In hindsight, would you have approached the situation differently?"

Wilfred "Chicky Blue" Nicholas
"Yeah, but I said that I did not go there to attack - If I went there to attack him, maybe you would have had me for murder or something, but I am not an aggressive man."

Today, the man who Nicholas had the fight with, who we know only as Ken told us that he was trying to explain to Nicholas at the door that the restaurant was closed. Ken said that Nicholas insisted, which is something that he couldn't allow because any customer who enters after 12 is forcing them to break the law. That, according to Ken, is why the struggle started, and he claims that Nicholas punched him in the left eye, and so that's why he kicked him in the abdomen. He says that Nicholas was not chopped, merely clubbed in the head by the owner to protect him.

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