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3 Cops Accused of Gang Rape in Independence Station
posted (November 13, 2017)
The news is possibly even more disturbing in Independence Village where three police officers are accused of gang raping two women in the police station. It allegedly happened on Friday night when - according to reports - the women - one Belizean, one Salvadoran - were taken off a bus supposedly to be searched for drugs.

Unofficial information says they were taken into the station by a WPC where they were stripped down for a search. But instead of getting searched, they were raped. Three officers - of various rank - allegedly gang raped the nude and defenseless women inside the station.

Today, police would not give us much details at all, other than to confirm the report:

ACP Joseph Myvette - OC, NCIB
"I can confirm to you that the police have received two report of rape and a joint investigation is being carried out by the Professional Standard Branch and CIB."

"As a consequence of the stage the investigation is in, I would not want to prejudice the investigation, so that is as far as I will say on that matter."

Again, a deeply disturbing allegation - involving at least one officer of rank, and we will keep following up on it very closely.

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