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FIFA Will Visit Belize To Speak With Ministry of Sports
posted (July 12, 2011)
A high ranking FIFA delegation will visit Belize a week from today to meet with the minister of Sports. The Ministry of Sports today announced the FIFA/CONCACAF/UNCAF delegation will meet concerned stakeholders in particular from the Government of Belize and from the FFB. The delegation is composed of Rafael Salguero, FIFA Executive Member and Emergency Committee member; Ariel Alvarado, CONCACAF Executive Member; and Rafael Tinoco, UNCAF President." According to the release, the Ministry sees the visit as a positive development, and welcomes the opportunity since, quote, "the way forward for Belizean football has to be achieved through a process of dialogue."

And while that is one emerging matter - the one on the table right now is that the sports council has rejected the FFB's statutes, pointing to four inconsistencies and one anomaly. But according to President of FFB Bertie Chimilio he has not gotten the official letter from the National Sports Council - and they want to know who on the Sports council can competently review their statutes:…

Bertie Chimilio, President FFB
"Who in the national sports council? What is their authority to just the statutes. Is there anybody qualified to speak about it. When we get it we will have to ask them. We will challenge them who is the qualified person for which we know that there is none qualified to say anything. Once we get it and if there is something we can claim - I want to say that next week we will have a high power delegation coming here to talk to all stakeholders about football. If they know we did wrong then come with the facts stop writing and talking things that are not true. come with the facts."

As we understand it, one issue that Sports Council has pointed to is that FIFA statutes require "an electoral committee independent from an executive committee to over see elections, meaning that candidates cannot preside over election matters - as Dr. Bertie Chimilio is alleged to do.

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