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City woman Says Police Trespassed, Shot Her Dog, Ginger
posted (November 14, 2011)
Marion Williams is a hard working food vendor, her husband a taxi man and contractor. They live on Faber's Road with their family in an upstairs home.

But yesterday they became targets for police. The cops were searching an adjoining property - but one of the persons of interest - a female stepped across to the Williams property to get a purse. Police followed, and ran right into the Williams's dog, Ginger - a protective and pregnant female.

Ginger - did as any dog would - she protected her master's property. The police officer simply shot the family dog in her tracks. That sent the family into an uproar and set off a whole chain of events - culminating in Marion Williams being roughed up and her son chocked.

Through tears she told us about it today:..

Marion Williams, abused by police
"The police beat me up; they knock me in my chest and push me into the wall in my house against my TV. I didn't think that they would kill my dog because this dog is pregnant. When the police came in this yard I ask them to please do not kill the dog. The police pulled out his gun and "pow," my son, the one that they have hold right now, he didn't like it, he was saying to the officers 'unu kill mi dog, why unu kill mi dog.' I told my son doesn't worry, go upstairs. I was by the step while my son ran upstairs - the police push me out of the way up my step after my son. Well I went upstairs and I told them that they will not take my son from here because he didn't do anything; he is just stresses out because you kill his dog. The officer told me that he will take my son, they have him held by his neck, I told the officer to leg go my child, if he want to kill him he will have to kill me also."

"Those police officers are abusing us; I didn't think that a police officer could do something like that. A big and tall police officer push me in my chest and have my 20 yr. old son held by his neck to the ceiling - I don't know what Belize is coming to because we don't have any rights. You don't have any rights in your own place whereby a police officer can actually come and abuse you in that way."

"I have pain all over my body. But you see this, this is in God's hands, whatever you do wrong in this world, wrong will follow you. You don't chance people like that because you are a police officer. If my husband was here they couldn't take that advantage over us. They are chancy."

Her son Shane Williams was found with a small amount of marijuana and charged for it. The family says that up to this afternoon, police were also looking to charge him for insulting words.

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