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Farmer Shot and Killed Ginger Thief
posted (October 1, 2012)
And a man was shot dead in St. Margaret's village which is at mile 25 on the Hummingbird Highway - but it was not a murder - it seems that instead a farmer was defending his property.

On Friday night at 10:30, Jose Echeverria, was on his father's farm looking out for thieves who had been stealing the family's crop of ginger.

He saw three Mayan descent men get out of a pickup and start to uproot the ginger plants that were in the ground. He spotted his flash light on them and one of them fired a shotgun blast at him. He returned fire in the dark and heard one of them screaming for help. The other two men ran into the bushes whilst one who was waiting in the pickup sped off. Echeverria did not go and look for the injured man since it was dangerously dark. He went to report it to the police in Belmopan and handed over his shotgun.

It would be almost 24 hours later before police found the body on Saturday night.

He had no I-D and was found with with multiple pellet wounds to his lower back.

Police are reporting that the deceased - a Hispanic male - was wearing a dark blue shirt, a short grey Dickie's pants and a dark blue rag around his neck The word "GIRLA" is tattooed on his left shoulder. Police are trying to find out his identity - so if any of those identifying marks sound familiar, you can call Belmopan police.

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