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McAfee May Spend Christmas In Guatemala
posted (December 7, 2012)
John McAfee has been getting all the attention he craves in the past two days - but tonight, he is back in an Immigration holding center in Guatemala City.

And while the international press has made much of his supposed pair of heart attacks - according to best information, Doctors say he the most he may have had was an irregular heart rhythm.

He was released from a Police Hospital last night in good health. Doctors said his heart rhythm and blood pressure were normal. Now, his attorney Telesforo Guerra has mounted multiple legal challenges in the Guatemalan courts. First, he is asking the constitutional court to seek a review of the foreign ministry's decision to deny McAfee political asylum. He will argue that his client's human rights are not being addressed.

And then, there's also the legal challenge in the Guatemalan Supreme Court which seeks to overturn an expulsion order issued by Guatemalan Immigration.

With all that ahead - seasoned observers say that McAfee may well end up spending Christmas in Guatemala.

But rather than Feliz Navidad, he's trying to drop the bomb on the Belizean government - releasing what he calls The Corruption Files on his blog. The first rather unremarkable posting - which was also posted weeks ago - seeks to implicate a villager from Carmelita who McAfee fired. It compiles about 20 minutes of surreptitious audio chatter of what appears to be bar-room talk between men plotting the undoing of their former boss.

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