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Belizean Footballers Try Out For MLS
posted (March 19, 2013)
And while the players look toward the biggest tournament in Belize's History, they also turned heads for their performance in the Copa Centroamericana.

And as a result, 2 players of the National Team, Deon McCauley and Woodrow West were invited to participate in try-outs for football clubs in the USA's Major League Soccer, or "MLS" as it is known.

It's a major opportunity for these Belizean athletes, so today, we asked them about how those tryouts went. Here's what they told us:

Woodrow West - Goalkeeper, Belize National Football Team
"Yes I've been - I went out and tried out with a few teams and I came back to Belize because what I went for was just a tryout; it was not to catch any club right away, so I'll leave the door open. I have a place in New York; hopefully I get to play in New York. It depends on my games in the Gold Cup, on my performance, then I can go far, but it all depends on the Gold Cup."

Deon McCauley - Forward, Belize National Football Team
"I was - actually I had 2 tryouts, one whit Chicago fur and the other with Portland Timbers. It was a very good experience for me, I've learnt a lot for the experience and it was a good one."

Daniel Ortiz
"So are there any positive results to be expected from those tryouts?"

Deon McCauley
"Well I think it's a stepping stone for Belize because I was really appreciated out there trying out and I think it went very well. Unfortunately I didn't get signed but it's just a stepping stone for me because, I think that these clubs have seen the talent that I have and I think that in the future, hopefully, I'll get a contract out there."

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