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Vega Not Coming Back To House?
posted (March 16, 2017)
The UDP's Gaspar Vega has missed four straight house meetings. Ever since the Orange Walk North Representative resigned in scandal in October, 2016, he has not attended a house meeting. And when you see his seat at the very far end of the back bench, you can kind of understand why the man who used to hold the number 2 seat, may be reluctant to attend. After all, that's the seat that was previously reserved for Elvin Penner. The Leader of the Opposition discussed his absences.

Hon. John Briceño - Leader of the Opposition
"Look at what he has done to Gaspar Vega? He has put him all the way to the last seat. Not even next to Dr. Campos. I think that's an insult to Gaspar Vega and even to the people in Orange Walk North that voted for Gaspar Vega in the last general elections."

"As a parliamentarian, do you know how many meetings or what are the rules in relation to be missing so many meetings?"

Hon. John Briceño - Leader of the Opposition
"I think that the number 6 that you can miss. I think 6 per session, so with this government I don't think we have 6 house meetings a year, because they don't like to come to the house. So we don't know if we are going to reach at that magic number, but we shall see."

Section 84 of the House Standing orders says "If…any Member is absent from the House for more than six consecutive sittings occurring during the same Session, and within a period of not longer than three calendar months, such Member shall vacate his seat in the House under section 59(2) (a) of the Belize Constitution…"

However, we note that the section also says that a member can write the Speaker to ask for her permission to be absent.

We note that Vegas seat was recently brought a little closer to Dr. Angel Campos; previously it was set about three feet away.

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