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There Is Timeline For Referendum In Guat
posted (March 17, 2017)
And so all that is the backdrop to this visit by the Secretary General Almagro. This week he visited Belize and Guatemala to press both sides to move ahead with plans to hold referendums on both sides of the border. Elrington told us that the long delayed vote on whether or not to go to the ICJ could be happening soon in Guatemala:

Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister of Belize
"The indication we are getting out of Guatemala is that they are thinking about going to referendum as early as September of this year, and reports we have is that they do have the funding to be able to manage the process."

"Actually in the case of Guatemala our understanding was that they needed 40 million dollars for the actual education day, and 20 million for the education campaign - so that's 60 million. And our understanding is that they do have that fund already."

"But both of us have been contemplating getting the finding from the friends, the Group of Friends, so we are contemplating that."

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