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posted (May 17, 2017)

We're not sure what caused the police not to intervene, but as you may be aware, Yellowman does command some authority over the officers who act as security during House meetings. We are not so sure what are the standing orders for Senate meetings, and if he has any authority there. But, he wasn't kicked out for the rowdy behavior. Instead, he, Allan Kelly, Alberto August, and the other UDP supporters left on their own. While on the break, Chairman Salazar, who controls the Senate Hearings, went to speak with Yellowman and the others. Our Krem News Colleague, Marisol Amaya, was out there capturing it on her cellphone camera, and once again, "Yellowman" didn't take took kindly to being recorded on video. 

Also, our other colleague from Plus News claims that "Yellowman" stoned him with a pen. Here's that second confrontation between "Yellowman" and Amaya, in which he grabbed her phone:

Brian Audinett aka "Yellowman" - Sergeant At Arms, National Assembly
"Why you like video people, that's what cause me to broke people phone and so."

Alindy Marisol Amaya - News Director, Krem News
"You can try with mine."

Brian Audinett aka "Yellowman"
"Try with your, I won't try with your phone girl. You see that, it will get grab and I will stone it on the ground. (Grabs phone). This is what I tell you about, you frighten, your heart jump."

Alindy Marisol Amaya
"I never would have been frightened but that could actually be construed as assault for a matter of fact because you've taken my personal equipment."

Cirilo Choco - Cameraman, Plus News
"You know we have to do our job, our boss sends us to do our job we go, we get things done then we come back. It's really disrespectful when you are doing your job and then you have these kind of commotion going on in the background and we are cameraman we have to do our job. Now I know what cameraman goes through when they go on a mission like this."

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