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Pastor, TV Personality and Journalists to Be Charged For “Doing His Job”
posted (May 18, 2017)
He's a pastor, a Television personality and a journalist, but tomorrow PLUS TV's Louis Wade will be criminally charged, he says for doing his job. Wade says that in November 2016, he dashed out to the Santa Elena Sports Complex to see the Ministry of Works completing work that a private contractor should have done. That was the end result of some very funny business with that contract and Wade claims that while he was shooting pictures and videos, Rene Montero's son, Robert Montero pulled up in a red pickup and drove directly at him. Wade says he had to jump out the way, and he claims Montero then used the truck to block him from shooting, and from coming out of the stadium.

Following that, Wade announced that he was going to make a police report, but Montero had done so already. Montero alleges that Wade assaulted him and used indecent words.

Nothing happened with the case for almost 6 months, because Wade claims the investigating officer investigated found the report to be false. But Wade claims that officer was taken off the case and replaced with an officer who says it did happen. He characterizes this as a deliberate act by police.

Now, he will go to San Ignacio Magistrate's Court tomorrow where he will be arraigned on these criminal charges. We'll have full coverage of that in tomorrow's news.

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