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Francesca’s Family Wants Answers From FIU
posted (June 8, 2017)
Last night you heard a portion of our exclusive phone interview with the family of Canadian Fransesca Matus. The relative we spoke to yesterday says he didn't know of any problems or trouble Matus or her boyfriend Drew Devoursey might have been in, and the family doesn't believe Matus' tenant, John Dehais, was involved in the double murder. But the family still has so many questions and concerns in this case - questions they say the Corozal police are not answering. The family in Canada is gripped by helplessness, grief and frustration; they want justice for their loved one and they feel the police are working too slowly. Here is part 2 of the interview where the relative - who asked not to disclose his identity - describes the difficulty he has had getting answers form the Corozal police.

Francesca Matus' Relative
"Francesca family has communicated with phone many, many times we have been transferred over from one person to the other to the other and eventually there is a hang-up that happens occasionally. The family will call and ask for lead detectives that are in charge and their typical answer is we will be back in an hour, you call back in an hour and they are not there."

"We are so far away and we can't do anything but we need some lines of communication especially when the family was promised updates through emails on what was going on."

Courtney Weatherburne, 7News
"When was the last time you contacted or the police contacted you all to give you the latest update, when was the last time?"

Francesca Matus' Relative
"The police has never contacted the family, the family has constantly been calling them."

"Another piece of frustration since May 2nd I have been asking the Corozal Police concerning Francesca's account, the family wanted to know if there was any kind of movement just because this could give a motive to what is going on and look at the date now, today is what? June 7th and the family still doesn't know if anything has happened in the bank account so 2 weeks ago I called and I was very very upset and I said how, sorry not I, the family was very very upset with not getting this account information I was told by a detective, his exact words were that it was the FIU's fault and I said what is that and his answer was it is the Financial Intelligence Unit, there are the ones to blame because they needed to fill out some type of form before the police can just walk in and see concerning the money and I said well what is the delay it has been weeks since Francesca passed away and we still don't know about the bank account."

Just for background, Matus found out about Belize from a relative. The relative had recommended Belize as the perfect retiring destination. Matus met Devoursey in Belize they had been dating since March of this year. Matus leaves behind 2 sons - twins - ages 22. The family urges the Corozal police to do all they can to find the murderer - to check into Matus' bank account activity and phone records and of course to call them and keep them updated on the investigation. As you heard last night Senior Superintendent Dennis Arnold says that they are waiting for forensic analysis results - which would presumably be provided by the FBI team which came to Belize to investigate the crime.

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