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No Bail For Vera
posted (June 13, 2017)
On last week Friday's news, we told you about Orlando Vera, a senior firearms examiner convicted of abetment to pervert the course of justice, and sentenced to two years in jail, yet still trying to get out of that conviction on a Supreme Court bail.

Well, this afternoon, Justice Herbert Lord handed down his ruling that he will not be granting Vera bail at this time. That means that Vera will have to wait for his appeal to run its course while he is behind bars. But, his wait won't be an extended one because the court intends to expedite his appeal.

Justice Lord noted this in his decision to deny bail that the DPP, Chery-Lynn Vidal, indicated to the court that the appeal case can be disposed of in a short amount of time. Justice Lord has ordered that the appeal hearing must take place on July 10, which is 3 weeks and 6 days away. If the prosecution fails to start on time, Vera and his attorney will have the opportunity to go back before Justice Lord and apply for bail once again.

As we told you, at the beginning of this month, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith found Vera guilty of abetment to the perversion of the course of justice. She heard evidence, including an audio recording of the conversation, where Vera solicited a bribe so that he could make Michael Modiri's firearms case go away. He was offering to tamper with evidence so that the gun charge would would be thrown out. At the time of the accusation, Vera was the deputy head of the National Forensic Science Services.

We'll keep following the case to update you on Vera's appeal efforts at the Supreme Court.

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