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Judge Explains Pickstock’s Exclusion
posted (September 7, 2017)
Of course, there are two sides to every story so we got a comment on the decision from the head judge of the carnival who played an integral role in making the final call. Here's how they put it:

Judge of the Carnival
"As far as we are aware, the carnival association, the commission and the judge association that Mr. Gill had some feud with some of the lady concerning $1,000 and the owner who have Gary the sponsorship has been bothering the commission and the carnival association for the $1,000 because they cannot find Garret and there is a rule that says you have to follow the rules, because they all have the rule book. Mr. Gill has been sending WhatsApp messages and email messages to Miss Sandra who is the president of the carnival association. He says that she has his name slander all over the place which is not true, because Miss Sandra is doing the best that she can to uplift carnival and to help the band leaders."

"I as a head judge we do the mass camps. We have 4 nights of mass camos and Mr. Garret was supposed have done his last night and he never showed. I tried calling him, Miss Sandra tried calling him, Mr. Patrick tried calling him, the sponsors Bowen and Bowen was trying to get Mr.Garret to fix his camp for him and to no avail could not find Mr. Garret. So we went to Garret mass camp with the police, the commission and the carnival association. Garret was nowhere to be found. This morning we had this press launch and we went over the rules, I spoke to the commission and we spoke among ourselves and we said Mr. Garret has to be disqualified for what he discriminated the police, discriminated the commission, the carnival committee and also the head judges."

"He never mentioned about his sponsors, but the sponsors called Miss Sandra and she confirm to me that the sponsors were trying to get Mr. Garret for the whole day and they couldn't find him, because they were the ones who wanted to set up his camp to put the banners on, because they are one of his sponsors and to no avail they did not get Mr. Garret. Last night I went to the mass camp and Mr. Garret was nowhere to be found."

The decision wasn't easy because the majority of Pickstock's band members are children but Murray says ultimately Gill has to suffer the consequences of his actions.

Mas Camp, What a Way!

And so, Gill - who is one of the more colorful carnival characters wasn't there when we went to visit his Mas Camp on Tuesday night. We should have aired this last night - but we were overloaded with news - so tonight here's a look at the bands who were displaying their Carnival costumes and spirit:..

Night Three Was a Spree!

And while that was Tuesday night - last night the revelry continued at four more camps.

We leave you tonight with a look at all the energy, excitement and elaborate designs they put on display.

Enjoy Wednesday nights Mas Camp visits, and join us back here tomorrow.

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