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Immigration Minister of State Speaks on Zheng Certificate
posted (November 13, 2017)
Last week the news was all about Yaunran Zheng, a Chinese who was found with a forged Belize Nationality Document.

Zheng and his Taiwanese Belizean translator, Zheng Hui Lin were charged for uttering upon a forged document and trying to use it to get a social security card. Minister of State told us a little more about his bogus nationality certificate, how it they claim that it is a replacement from 2007:

Hon. Beverly Williams, Minister of State with Responsibility for Immigration and Refugees
"It appears that social security saw some irregularities in terms of what they normally see. It is comforting or I hope the public will be comforted by the fact that we no longer use those certificates that are being replicated at the time. We have built a new system with security features to avoid this very same thing happening. What they presented was really a certificate signed some time age which they claim to be a replacement in 2007. From that specific one so it is presented as a replacement of the original certificate which was that cardboard looking certificate but as I said that has been replaced and we are fairly comfortable and we will review that even in light of what is happening to ensure that the features are as safe as we can get."

Zheng was given an order to leave, but we are told before that could be effected, he left voluntarily to Canada.

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