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SCA Girls Dominate Volleyball Championship
posted (November 13, 2017)
On Thursday we told you about NSSSA volleyball nationals. The epic final took place right here in Belize City and history was made as Saint Catherine's Academy won their 9th consecutive National championship. SCA is the first team male or female to win so many titles back to back, but as one of their coaches said it was not an easy tournament. They had to fight for the gold.

Amber Marin, SCA Team Member/ 2017 National Female Volleyball Champions
"It honestly feels great. It is great to know that our hard work and practice, running at the track, lifting weights, volleyball practice even when we have countless homework to do its all paid off in the national tournament."

Kelsey Balderamos, SCA Team Coach
"This year it was very competitive we had a lot of the teams stepping up their game from last year. It wasn't a walk in the park. The girls held their own against the other teams. We did good we brought our best games to our nationals."

"They never take an offseason, they never take a break. Even if they if it is one day a week we get them into play some ball and have some fun. So that is the result you see on the court. They know each other well. They know who is going to play what move. It is just practice cohesiveness and practice."

"I am definitely proud you know there is always that little voice in the back of our head saying what if they don't do it but you just have to have faith that we have put in the work and we have what it takes to get win number 9."

The boys also played a good competition with Toledo Community College placing first in a tight game against Ladyville Technical High school who came in second. Muffles High school placed second for the females.

Belizean Boys Play Football Arizona

Last week Thursday three young Belizean boys went up to the US state of Arizona for a football try out. The try out had about 120 participants from different Rush Organizations. All the participants were selected based on their skill, so the talent and competition level was high. This morning organizer Daniel Fabro told us how they did.

Daniel Fabro, Director Rush Belize
"Tryout camp it is a very intense camp they play a lot of games amongst each other. The coaches are looking for different characteristics from the players who want it more, who has a bigger heart. who has the talent obviously and the skills but skills and talent are not everything that makes the coaches decide who to choose and after that try out it is three days of an intense tryout."

"We are hoping of the four players that we will be sending up that maybe one or two of them will make it to the final team and if they don't make I still believe it is a positive because they have been exposed to a higher level of football."

"If they make it they will make the final select team and that team will travel either to Europe or Washington."

"To play football to train with the youth teams of professional teams and to be viewed and assessed by professional coaches also. It is all to expose them to a different level of football and also to different people. From it can lead maybe too professional contracts and college scholarships as an opening for them. Any exposure to them as far as I am concerned is good for them."

Next week Thursday another player will be going up for the try out as well. Fabro says they are working on establishing a female Rush program in Belize to give the opportunity to young girls that are interested in the game. If you are interested in joining the Rush program here in Belize you can send an email rushbelize@yahoo.com

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