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Firemen Sounded The Alarm Along Coastal Communities
posted (January 10, 2018)

And while NEMO got props, the same should be given to the Fire Department.  Last night when many along the coast were scrambling to get out of town, they were on the job, raising the alarm along the coast with sirens - urging seafront residents to seek higher ground. 

And, it was not just in Belize City the fire departments all over the coast were doing the same and according to fire chief Ted Smith, this is an operating procedure they have had for a while so they were prepared.

Ted Smith - Fire Chief
"The national fire service being a part of the National Emergency Management Organization work hand in hand with the department of NEMO. We have a standing operating procedure where once a tsunami warning is given for the coast or a specific portion of Belize then the fire service pan will kick in which is to blow all the major big sirens on the structure as well as have the units within the area traverse that area that are blowing the sirens and warning the people of the imminent disaster or of the disaster that may have occurred. That is what we did. We activated that plan last night. We had all our stations on the coast going around blowing that siren up and down warning people that there is pending danger coming."

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