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Activist Tries To Pressure Police On Missing Man’s Case
posted (January 12, 2018)
2 weeks ago, we told you how police have been doing all they can to assist the family of Mark Pollard.

He's the 49 year-old Belize City resident who went missing back in July when he was on a morning run. Since then, his relatives have been searching all over for him, and last month, they convinced the police to break open a family grave in the Lord Ridge Cemetery to confirm that his remains were not in there.

The case has all but stalled at this point, but civilian activist Jose Luis Espat, who's recently been taking on the role of private investigator, has come forward with what he thinks is a lead that police should pursue.

Today, he called the entire media out for a press briefing in which he said that a 2 recorded phone calls exist in between an individual and a member of the Pollard family. In these phone calls, he claims that certain alarming claims were made, and that he has passed it on to police.

From his perspective, the cops aren't moving with the type of urgency which he thinks they should, and he thinks there is enough there for police to detain this person for questioning.

We've contacted police who've told us that they were in possession of this recording for some time now, but they are still investigating.

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