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Getting It Right With One Write Off
posted (October 9, 2019)
AND, in the 5th and final write-off for the day, Senator Mark Lizarraga had no complaints to make. He said, that the loss of $15,000 is easily understandable, and so is the fact that the Government can't pursue the person who wrecked a BDF truck back in August of 1997.

Here's his concession on that one:

And in an important update, you'll remember how Lizarraga read from a letter that attorney Audrey Matura wrote, in which she criticized the Government for these write-offs. That letter was supposed to form a part of the discussions that the Senate Committee had, prior to them going to the Senate today. The trouble is that the letter arrived 1 hour late, and the National Assembly Clerk was unable to submit it because the meeting had already concluded.

We'll have a little more in the news from the Senate later on when we'll recap a clash over the Contractor General Amendment Bill of 2019.

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