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Will Brad’s Hit The Jackpot With An Auto Renew On Exclusive Lottery Contract?
posted (October 9, 2019)
In 2009, Belize's lottery was privatized - and the 10 year contract famously went to Brad's Gaming Company Limited, owned by Kim Jen Chee.

Now, the contract is about to finish - and rumors say it will be automatically renewed - which raises concerns for some Boledo fans. And that's what the activist Geovanni Brackett put in a letter to the Prime Minister in a letter dated today.

The letter says, quote, "I outrightly reject the process of 'automatic renewal' on principle, and on the face of the many complaints made against Brads Gaming Company Limited over the years, and the general dissatisfaction of the Belizean people with the services rendered." End quote.

He goes unto ask the Prime Minister, quote, "When exactly does the contract end, and what are the plans if any to continue private management of lottery services?" End quote.

That was this morning and Brackett says he got a phone call from PM Barrow this afternoon. The PM quote, confirmed that the matter of renewal was placed (before) cabinet and it has been agreed…that there will be no automatic renewal.

Brackett claims the PM has committed to put the contract to a tender when the contract expires - but we still don't know when it expires.

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