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Contractor General Bill Debated And Then Withdrawn
posted (October 9, 2019)
And while the Attorney General and the Business Senator shared words on that one, there was a lengthy back and forth between all the parties represented in the Senate Chambers. The divisive bill was the Contractor General Amendment of 2019.

The Government wants to make one change so that whoever can serve as the New Contractor General is also eligible to become a public servant after their tenure is over.

Currently, the law prevents a former Contractor General from becoming a public servant after leaving the post, and that has caused the Government major difficulties to find a suitable candidate.

But, the Senators couldn't agree on whether this change helps or hurts the office. Here's that debate:

Despite the robust debate, l This bill was withdrawn at the end of the meeting.

All of the other motions and bills passed in the Senate today, minus the write off for Joshua Perdomo. But as we told you, that write-off will happen anyway, because it already has the House Approval.

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