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Mexican Agro Expo
posted (October 9, 2019)
The Embassy of Mexico, in collaboration with the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism - Chetumal (CANACO), held a business meeting today at the Mexican Institute for the presentation of Expo Pro Agro Innovación 2019.

During the meeting, CANACO presented an overview of the business opportunities at Expo Pro Agro Innovación 2019. We stopped by to hear about the potential agri-business buyers on the Mexican side who will be attending the expo and their interest in making connections with Belizean entrepreneurs.

Oscar Garcia Ramos, C.E.O for IDMX
"In this case the presentation was made towards promoting the Pro Agro Innovacion which is a business event that is happening from the 23rd up to the 25th of October in the city of Chetumal, and the idea here was to invite entrepreneurs to participate in the event. Its an event that's totally business oriented. We're bringing over from different parts of Mexico, for this first edition, buyers from different areas. These hosted buyers, what they are gonna do is, they are gonna see in this one to one meeting, business tables, and they are supposed to receive different suppliers to show them their products and services that they can buy and take for Mexico."

"It is a very interesting opportunity not just because it is the type of event that supports and develops some strategic sectors but also because it demonstrates how close the relationship between Mexico mainly the south-eastern part and Belize, and from what I've been hearing from different entrepreneurs that were in the presentation, there are a lot of opportunities. Because the event is not focused into the large business or the macro business. Right now it's more focused into the business person that is looking for boutique types of products because we have already listened to that from some of the producers in Mexico that says well if someone comes and buys tons of products or large quantities of products from us, we may not be able to supply them."

"If you see there are a lot of opportunities that are focused into the Agro business. Not just necessarily just in agriculture so, that was why in the interest of the chamber of commerce of Chetumal to develop this relationship, that they already have from years passed. But also looking forward into the possibility of more open exchange in the market of this type of agro products not just toward Mexico but from Mexico to Belize also."

Expo Pro Agro Innovación 2019 will take place in Chetumal, Quintana Roo from October 23 to 25, 2019.

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